It Happened in Bismarck - July

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July 1, 1887

At 6 o'clock yesterday morning a fire in the frame buildings on Main Street west of First Street called out the fire department and produced some lively rustling for about thirty minutes.

July 1, 1912

Mrs. Minnie C. Budlong, Secretary of the State Library Commission, left Saturday for Valley City where she will lecture on library work before the teachers attending the Valley City Normal School.

July 1, 1937

The first of 270 North and South Dakota youths were arriving at Fort Lincoln today for tomorrow's opening of the 1937 Citizens Military Training Camp, the "one-month school of the soldier."

July 1, 1962

Cardinal Petroleum Company, independent drilling and producing firm, closed down its main offices here yesterday. Monday, a new main office will open in Billings, Montana fur a field office will be maintained at Westhope, North Dakota.

July 2, 1887

Mr. George F. Feagles has been engaged to give an exhibition of rifle shooting at the gun club grounds on July 4th. He has the reputation, so rumor says, throughout the east of being one of the best combination shots in the United States.

July 2, 1912

The ladies of the Civic Improvement League have been requested to give another of their informal dancing parties at the Armory Thursday evening, the Fourth of July. O'Connor's Capital City Orchestra has been engaged to furnish music for the occasion.

July 2, 1937

Northwest Airlines officials announced today that service on a third daily round trip between the Twin Cities and Seattle, authorized by the Post Office Department, would start on July 16.

July 2, 1962

The headquarters office of Basin Electric power Cooperative opened today in Bismarck. Basin was recently awarded a $36.6 million loan from the REA to construct a 200,000 kilowatt lignite-burning generating plant near the Garrison Dam.

July 3, 1887

An interesting game of lawn tennis occurred yesterday in the quartermaster's yard, between Dr. Maus and Lt. Croxton of Ft. Lincoln and C. B. Little and Captain Call of this city. The Bismarckers were vanquished three straight games.

July 3, 1912

This morning the Fifth Annual Missouri Slope Championship; Tennis Tournament was commenced on the courts of the Capital City Tennis Club. The matches are being played under the rules of the United States Lawn Tennis Association.

July 3, 1937

This weekend will see the grand opening of the Economy Grocery in its new home at 307 Third Street, according to Joseph A. Patera, proprietor and manager. The store has operated at 411 Broadway for the past seven years.

July 3, 1962

Two new members have joined the staff of Wheatlands, a $2.5 million retirement manor and apartment hotel planned here for persons 62 or older. It is planned for a 4-acre site at First Street and Boulevard, two blocks west of the State Capital.

July 4, 1887

J. M. Quinn, of the TRIBUNE, is the orator of the day at Aberdeen on the Fourth, and Judge Francis and John Hollembaek go to Steele. T. D. Merwin orates at Mandan, and General Allen, Judge Edgerton and other prominent speakers also have engagements.

July 4, 1912

Residents of the state capitol commemorated Independence Day in a fitting manner. There was no special celebration in this city, although several picnic parties were held, such as that at Crawford's Grove, ten miles south of town.

July 4, 1937

On tap for Bismarck boxing fans in the World War Memorial Building today is a 31-round fight card headlined by two regional welterweight champions---one will be Dick Demarary of Bismarck, who will taken on Sonny Boy Akers in ten 3-minute rounds.

July 4, 1962

The crowning of Miss North Dakota for 1963 in the World War Memorial Building on Jul 12, will climax another six months plus of concentrated effort on the part of the Bismarck Jaycees and Mrs. Jaycees.

July 5, 1887

The infant girl of Captain and Mrs. Alex Hughes was baptized at the Episcopal Church, Sunday night by the Rev. Ben_Ham, and christened Helen Alexander Hughes.

July 5, 1912

One of the merriest of many Fourth of July parties held in the city was enjoyed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Wolbert. Fireworks, dancing and a big watermelon feast completed a very happy day.

July 5, 1937

Hearing has been set for July 20 by the North Dakota Supreme Court on contempt proceedings against A. C. Townley and six other persons for alleged practice of law without a license, according to John H, Newton, Clerk of Court.

July 5, 1962

A request by the Bismarck Park Board for the privilege of utilizing some of the street lights now being removed from the street lighting system, street improvements, petitions and other matters come before the City Commission.

July 6, 1887

The black cloud of smoke which darkened the eastern horizon last evening was produced by the burning of a large barn on the Stark Farm, about five miles south and east. It was rumored that two or three horses were destroyed.

July 6, 1912

Herbert C. Fish and other members of the State Historical Society have commenced the work of getting together material for a history of Bismarck. All phases such as fort history, river history, railroad history and Black Hills history will be taken up.

July 6, 1937

Declaration that he is accumulating a mass of information relative to the operation of North Dakota's wholesale and retail hard liquor trade for presentation to the next legislature, was made before the Bismarck Kiwanis Club by State Treasurer John A. Gray.

July 6, 1962

A team of three teen-agers, called Youth Caravaners, will be the guests of Zion Lutheran Church this week. The three Caravaners are traveling for the Walther League, International youth organization and official youth program of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

July 7, 1887

The Penitentiary board was in session yesterday with a full attendance. The contract for furnishing brick for the new addition was let to Peter Birck of Dickinson, at the remarkably low figure of $8.85 per thousand.

July 7, 1912

George Ward had a narrow escape from injury last evening. He was out driving and in turning the corner of main and Second Streets was thrown from the buggy, which went over a high pile of dirt. He was dragged a considerable distance.

July 7, 1937

Indian Schools in five western states will claim the 16 members of the Bismarck Indian School's teaching and maintenance staffs whose work here was terminated this spring with the decision of the U. S. Indian Bureau to abandon its institution here.

July 7, 1962

About 500 youths attended a baseball clinic at the Municipal Baseball ark here today sponsored by the Minnesota Twins baseball club. It was conducted by two former major league players who are now scouts for the Twins---Angelo Giuliani and Billy Martin.

July 8, 1887

Governor Church is expected to arrive this week, and it is understood that he has completed arrangements for the removal of his family to Bismarck before August 1.

July 8, 1912

Chief of Police McDonald received word from Mandan to be on the lookout for one Harry Harris, wanted for theft. He found his man loitering about the Northern Pacific depot the same evening and received a reward of $50 for making the arrest.

July 8, 1937

In a glass jar on the desk of County Agent H. O. Putnam are a couple of brown bugs about an inch long. They look like overstuffed grasshoppers with tails, and their name, "Mormon Cricket," may some day be unpleasant to North Dakota ears.

July 8, 1962

A commemorative coin is making its appearance in Bismarck and across North Dakota this week. They are intended to commemorate the fact that, for the second time in its history, the national Legion Junior finals are being held in Bismarck late this summer.

July 9, 1887

The Northern Pacific will be requested to place electric lights at their crossings in this city and it is believed that the company will gladly comply.

July 9, 1912

Frank Feeney, who was a candidate for Justice of the Peace at the June primaries, led a party of his friends to a picnic in the woods north of the city Sunday. They were attacked by mosquitoes and after fighting well the ground was abandoned and the party retreated to the city.

July 9, 1937

Bismarck's population has increased about 15 per cent the last two years, results of the biennial school census indicate. On the basis of these figures, the population is between 15,500 and 16,500, according to school board officials.

July 9, 1962

Charles Arthur (Art) McKinney, 37, today took over the post of Director of Administration for Gov. William L. Guy. McKinney is a former sports editor of the Bismarck Tribune and recently had been working for the Santa Maria Times in California.

July 10, 1887

The young men of the city are organizing an athletic club, and already eighteen members have been secured. A suitable room will be rented, and will be fitted up; with th emost modern contrivances.

July 10, 1912

The Fifth Street Stationery Store has moved its stock from its room in the McKenzie Hotel to a building across the street, where the management will be pleased to have its patrons call.

July 10, 1937

A resolution directing Sheriff Fred Anstrom to proceed after July 20 to collect delinquent personal property taxes by levy and sale of property, if necessary, was passed recently by the commissioners of Burleigh County.

July 10, 1962

Council 1604 of the Knights of Columbus will hold open house in its new club building at 312 Twentieth Street. Construction began last October with the remodeling and enlargement of an existing structure on the site. Cost was about $200,000.

July 11, 1887

Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup should always be used for children teething. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for diarrhea.

July 11, 1912

Company A, North Dakota National Guard, departs for the annual encampment at Devils Lake next Tuesday. In order that the boys may vary their Army rations of beans and coffee an informal shirtwaist dance will be given in the Armory for the benefit of the mess fund.

July 11, 1937

Five runs in the last inning fell 3 short of closing the gap and the Colored House of David baseball team defeated Bismarck's independent team over the weekend at the local ball park, 11 to 8.

July 11, 1962

The Red Owl stores in Bismarck this week offered cut-up frying chickens at 33 cents a pound, canned picnic hams at $1.79 each and sliced bread for 23 cents per loaf---all plus double S & H Green Stamps.

July 12, 1887

E. M. Bennett, formerly proprietor of the Bismarck Roller Mills, but now of Rochester, Minnesota, is in the city looking after some interests which he still holds.

July 12, 1912

A. S. Hoffman is in the city and expects to make his home here. He is an excellent piano tuner and is available for work. His place of business will be at Peck's Piano store where appointments may be made.

July 12, 1937

Gov. William Langer late to day ordered a "thorough cleaning" of the State Hospital at Jamestown and dental treatment for all inmates. Adjutant General Heber L. Edwards was directed to use a chemical gas to "rid the institution of bedbugs and lice."

July 12, 1962

Down the river they'll paddle, some 90 or more Boy Scouts in canoes, from Garrison Dam to Bismarck in mid-August. It will what could become an annual Missouri River Boy Scot canoe derby, involving participants from the Bismarck and Minot councils.

July 13, 1887

Although the attendance at the Athenejum last evening was not as large as the novel attraction of a spelling bee should have called out, the event was a success and there was much of genuine old-fashioned enjoyment.

July 13, 1912

The old settlers' picnic is being held at Painted Woods today, and a large number of the old timers of the Capital City took advantage of the excellent weather. This event is looked forward to with no little pleasure.

July 13, 1937

A. J. Loudenbeck of Emmet, N.D., former McLean County Sheriff, was appointed Warden of the State Penitentiary today b y the State Board of Administration. He replaced Girdell Patterson, a veteran of the Nonpartisan League.

July 13, 1962

First rooms in Bismarck's new Holiday Inn Motor Hotel will be occupied by guests Sunday, according to the management of the $1,200,000 facility east of Memorial Highway Bridge. Now ready are 30 rooms on the north front of the two story structure.

July 14, 1887

Dr. Karl Schulin, the well known occulist and aorist of St. Paul, will visit Bismarck on July 15 and will remain one week, during which time he may be consulted at the Sheridan House by those suffering with diseases of the eye, throat or ear.

July 14, 1912

Mrs. I. P. Baker was the hostess at the boat party yesterday. About thirty ladies of Bismarck made the trip to Rock Haven on the Benton Packet Co.'s boat "Frayne," and were served refreshments upon arrival. They returned to the city by 6 p.m.

July 14, 1937

Watchful waiting was the status of the hide and fur companies' strike in Bismarck. All parties concerned are awaiting the arrival of Robert J. Welner of Minneapolis, regional representative of the National Labor Relations Board.

July 14, 1962

Plans to build a 72,950-square-foot shopping center in northwest Bismarck were announced here, with construction to start within six weeks. It will be known as Northbrook Shopping Center and will be built at Central Avenue and Washington Street.

July 15, 1887

The Bismarck Cricket Club has done some lively practicing, and it is believed it will soon be the most creditable organization of its kind in the northwest.

July 15, 1912

Matters in connection with the dog show which will be given in this city in October are progressing nicely. The members of the Western Kennel Association are doing all in their power to make it a big success.

July 15, 1937

The schedule of play in the City Horseshoe League for the remainder of the season was released today. The six teams involved represent Molly's Service Station, Lucas Oil Co., Morley Electric, French & Welch Hardware and Budweiser and Gluek's beer distributors.

July 15, 1962

Demolition of the old Bismarck Junior High School building at the corner of Seventh Street and Avenue C, began here recently. The project will be finished in four or five weeks. An addition to Bismarck High School will be erected on the site.

July 16, 1887

At a well attended meeting Thursday evening the Bismarck Athletic Club was organized and committees appointed to draft a constitution and by-laws and to select a suitable building for the use of the club.

July 16, 1912

Pat Kelly, who has the contract for the street grading in the Capital City, has a crew and twelve teams engaged in the work which he is rapidly completing. His work is being done in the northeast corner of the city and makes a great improvement in that section.

July 16, 1937

A full page advertisement celebrated the 5th Anniversary of Molly's Service Station at Fourth and Thayer in downtown Bismarck. It is owned and operated since 1933 b y Leo de Rochford, long-time professional baseball player whose nickname is "Molly."

July 16, 1962

A three-day open house at the new Knights of Columbus building, 310 Twentieth Street, will end with a smorgasbord followed by a free dance to the music of the Feather Merchants.

July 17, 1887

Let it be recorded that the first water ever pumped out of the Missouri River at this point by the Bismarck Water Company was drawn yesterday afternoon and sent gushing to the reservoirs on the hill.

July 17, 1912

The special train for Mandan will leave here this evening at 8:15. The band will give a half hour's concert at Fourth and Main and then go to Mandan where they will parade from the depot to the Chautauqua grounds.

July 17, 1937

Neil Croonquist of Bismarck is playing Bobby Campbell of Minneapolis for the amateur golf championship of the state of Minnesota today. The match is 36 holes over the Minneapolis Country Club course.

July 17, 1962

Tom Kleppe, President, and Harold Schafer, Board Chairman, were at the airport to welcome Gold Seal people to the company's 20th Anniversary sales convention in Bismarck.

July 18, 1887

The report that Billy Costello, so well known in Bismarck, killed a man at Little Muddy several days ago has caused a sensation among his many friends in this vicinity. Costello drew a revolver and fired three times, each ball taking effect in the body of his adversary.

July 18, 1912

R. S. Redman, Secretary and Manager of the American Gas and Construction Company, is in the city for a few days looking after matters in connection with the proposed new coal gas plant for Bismarck.

July 18, 1937

Condition of Sister M. Boniface, Sister Superior and Superintendent of St. Alexius Hospital for the last 51 years, who is critically ill of heart disease, was pronounced unchanged by her physician. The 84-year-old nun has been sick about a week.

July 18, 1962

The new Hillside Junior High School, located north of Hillside Park and scheduled for completion this fall, will take care of junior high students in the eastern part of Bismarck.

July 19, 1887

The Fetzer Cornet Band now practices in the neat little room located over Chas. R. Williams' saloon on Third Street.

July 19, 1912

Mrs. W. E. Butler has the second of a series of albums prepared by the Womans Federation of the Photographers Association of America on exhibition at her studio. This is an exchange of prints among the best female photographers all over the United States.

July 19, 1937

Junior American Legion baseball teams from Bismarck, Cando, Grand Forks and Fargo won challenge rights to compete in the state tournament at Grand Forks by winning district elimination tournaments over the weekend.

July 19, 1962

I. M. Oseth, Police Magistrate here since 1949, has resigned the position effective August 1 "or as soon thereafter as a successor can be designated." Oseth, who doubles as Juvenile Commissioner, will continue to serve in that job.

July 20, 1887

The reports of the shooting at Minot in which Billy Costello played the prominent part are conflicting and it is now stated that he shot a woman and not a man as first reported.

July 20, 1912

Supt. C. C. Root of the city schools returned Friday evening from a four weeks vacation spent in Michigan. He was present at the commencement exercises of the University of Michigan and also the celebration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of its founding.

July 20, 1937

The Goodman Wonder Shows, a traveling carnival, completed a week-long run in Bismarck despite rain and other difficulties. The show was set up at 20th Street and Broadway and will leave late Wednesday for Montana.

July 20, 1962

Robert J. Fleck, general manager of Fleck Motor Sales here, was elected President of the Bismarck Auto Dealers Association at a meeting here recently. He succeeds Robert P. McCarney as president of the local group.

July 21, 1887

The Bismarck Dramatic Club is now rehearsing "David Garrick," which will be presented in the Atheneum in about three weeks. He best dramatic talent in the city has been enlisted and the play will be creditably presented.

July 21, 1912

With two good vaudeville acts, a program of classy photoplays and new songs by the new resident singer the Orpheum Theatre is sure to be well attended tonight. Lew Wood is billed as "That Ventriloquist."

July 21, 1937

Bismarck's municipal swimming pool will stage a giant swimming carnival in connection with the Junior Association of Commerce Barbecue Bargain Day, August 4. Twenty-five events, including swimming and diving competitions, will be on the program.

July 21, 1962

Bismarck-Mandan Pheasants Unlimited, a local sportsmen's group, released the first batch of 750 pheasants this week in a program aimed at restocking game birds in this area. The release took place on a farm six miles south of Menoken.

July 22, 1887

The Pacific Hotel on Fourth Street is nearly refurnished and provides first class accommodations at low rates. Louis Peterson is owner and manager. It is also the headquarters for the Washburn & Ft. Berthold Mail and Express Line.

July 22, 1912

State Historical Society Curator Herbert C. Fish has returned from Fort Berthold Reservation bringing back with him a number of new and interesting relics and a great deal of new data on the early history of the place.

July 22, 1937

Missouri Slope farmers and business men desiring to see the Sidney, Montana, irrigation district on July 28 are urged to obtain their tickets immediately for the special train that will be run from Bismarck that day. 125 tickets must be sold for the special train to be operated.

July 22, 1962

Mrs. Walter Knott has wound up 38 years with the Northern Pacific Railway Co. here as freight office cashier. Her employment began during World War I when railroads hired women to bolster dwindling staffs of workers.

July 23, 1887

The contract for the ditching, laying of pipes, etc., for the Bismarck Water Works has been awarded to Mr. Mooney of Grand Forks, who arrived in the city yesterday and will soon have a force of men tearing up the streets.

July 23, 1912

Bismarck was visited by a heavy hail and wind storm Monday night that did considerable damage. The Hoskins Floral Company was the heaviest loser from mail, many windows having been broken in their greenhouses.

July 23, 1937

From ownership of a single five-acre park in 1927 to ownership or control of 14 parks and recreational centers covering approximately 1400 acres is the story of the Bismarck Park Board, which has just completed its tenth year of existence.

July 23, 1962

Physically fit and professionally efficient, 24 members of the 896th Float Bridge Company of Linton and Bismarck were the first North Dakota National Guardsmen to return home after 10 months of active duty at Ft. Riley, Kansas.

July 24, 1887

The troop; of the Seventh Cavalry now marching westward are expected to camp; at Apple Creek tonight and will arrive in Bismarck tomorrow. They will make the entire trip from Fort Totten to Fort Meade overland.

July 24, 1912

Webb Brothers Department Store is being remodeled in its interior and when completed will offer one of the finest display spaces of any store in the state. The section heretofore holding the furniture department will now be the ready-to-wear garment department.

July 24, 1937

A squad of National Guardsmen unloaded a bushel basket of assorted knifes, files and shop tools in Warden A. J. Loudenbeck's office last night after completing a two-hour inspection through nearly 600 cells at the North Dakota State Penitentiary.

July 24, 1962

The League for Animal Welfare has been formed in Bismarck to care for and find new homes for pets which owners are no longer able to provide. The organization is headquartered at Mary Marc Meadows northwest of town.

July 25, 1887

The Brickbats scored another baseball victory last evening over a club picked up around town and not sufficiently organized to possess a name. They won by a score of thirteen to eight.

July 25, 1912

Sheriff Barnes and a number of deputies, including members of the police department, visited places of thirteen alleged violators of the prohibition law armed with search warrants. Evidence was found in some places while in others nothing was found.

July 25, 1937

Neil Croonquist of Bismarck, who this season has entered a campaign to capture links honors in Minnesota, was nosed out of his second straight title Sunday, after reaching the final round of play. He was defeated by Maurice Cain of Wahpeton in the finals of the 14th annual Breezy point event.

July 25, 1962

George A. Doblin, Vice President of National Garages of Detroit, Michigan, will report on a feasibility study of a proposed parking ramp on the Northern Pacific Plaza in a meeting scheduled for the Grand Pacific Steakhouse.

July 26, 1887

A subscription paper is being circulated and numerously signed among the residents of the upper end of Second and Third Streets, for the purpose of having an electric light places at the corner of either Avenue A or B on Second Street.

July 26, 1912

Mrs. Claude Rossen appeared before Justice Olsen Thursday afternoon and entered a plea of guilty to a charge of assault preferred against her by May Ashley, the fifteen year old girl alleged to have been beaten by her. She was fined $10 and costs.

July 26, 1937

A 15-room, 2-story apartment house costing $13,000 is going to be constructed at 215 Mandan Street. James Holkup is the builder, J. C. Beatie the contractor. Permit for its construction was taken out at the City Hall during the last week.

July 26, 1962

Bids for construction of Bismarck's new post office and federal building will be opened August 23 at Kansas City, Missouri. The building, for which the firm of Leonhard and Askew of Bismarck was architect, will cost about $3,800,000.

July 27, 1887

Attorney John Stoyell's office is to be removed to the Central Block on Main Street and the present office on Fourth Street used by Mr. Mooney as a plumbing establishment,

July 27, 1912

A large group of citizens and businessmen attended a meeting called for the purpose of perfecting the organization of the Bismarck Country Club. The present object will be to lay out a golf course in the western part of the city.

July 27, 1937

Mary Slattery---Mrs. Daniel M. Slattery---died at her home at 508 West Broadway in Bismarck Monday at the age of 58. As Mary Johnson, she came to the city with her father, a prominent builder and contractor, in 1883.

July 27, 1962

Opening of a new residential subdivision, Southwood Terrace, was announced recently. The developer is Don Decker of Omaha, who has been associated with Porter Real Estate here. It is located on South Washington about eight blocks south of the ball park.

July 28, 1887

A private letter from Duluth says that on August 1 Colonel Lounsberry will convert his paper, the Saturday Evening Journal, into a daily edition. His many Bismarck friends wish him success in his new venture.

July 28, 1912

Addison Falconer and a crew of men departed this morning for Wilton where they will make a survey and plat the premises owned by the Washburn Lignite Coal Company.

July 28, 1937

Two hundred and seventy eight persons were aboard the special excursion train which left Bismarck at 5 a.m. today en route to Sidney, Montana, where farmers and business will view the irrigated farms in the Lower Yellowstone Valley.

July 28, 1962

With neither ceremony nor celebration, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Moses will mark their 60th wedding anniversary Monday at their home on Park Street near Custer Park. They have lived in Bismarck since 1916.

July 29, 1887

Street Commissioner Stewart is performing his duties in a every creditable manner. For the first time the poll tax is being vigorously collected from every body liable under the law and the same expended in the improvement of the streets.

July 29, 1912

Thomas Gandy was arrested this morning by Chief of Police McDonald on a charge of being drunk and disorderly. Upon being searched, $17.30 was found, which the owner of the Atlantic Cafe claimed was stolen from him.

July 29, 1937

North Dakota's national guardsmen will travel to Camp Ripley, Minnesota, for the Fourth Army maneuvers there August 8 to 22 in two special trains and motor convoys. Special trains will operate over both the Northern Pacific and Great Northern main lines.

July 29, 1962

Law enforcement authorities were investigating a reported revolver shooting at a night club between Bismarck and Mandan last evening. The action climaxed an argument between patrons of the Spur Night Club

July 30, 1887

Mrs. M. H. Jewell and her mother returned yesterday after ten weeks absence in the east. During their absence Mr. Jewell purchased the property of George P. Flannery, corner of Thayer and Second Streets, and surprised them with a new home.

July 30, 1912

A message was received this morning that Senator William Drew Washburn had died at his home in Minneapolis. He returned home about two weeks ago from Europe where he had been taken ill.

July 30, 1937

Enderlin, a dark horse entry, defeated Bismarck 8-4 in the opening game of the North Dakota Junior American Legion annual tournament in Grand Forks this morning. Johnson and Henkel of Enderlin cooperated in holding the capital city team in check.

July 30, 1962

Bismarck's Legion nine warmed up its bats for a Western Division Tournament opening at Williston by clubbing three New Rockford pitchers for 14 hits and a 19-1 abbreviated victory here.

July 31, 1887

A team of horses, tormented almost to death by the persistent mosquito, ran at a furious rate up Second Street this afternoon and came near upsetting the backstop; on the base ball ground.

July 31, 1912

Driving from Minot to Bismarck in a "Lexington Forty" automobile, Arthur Hanson was covering the ground at fifty miles an hour when one of the front wheels suddenly started 'cross country,' causing the vehicle to veer into a bank and grind up the fender, spring and lamp on the wheel-less side of the car.

July 31, 1937

R. E. Thompson, resident of Bismarck for the last 12 years, has assumed managership of the Dacotah Seed Company at the corner of Ninth Street and Main Avenue. He also continues as manager for the Washburn Coal Company.

July 31, 1962

Pipeline laying crews, working at a feverish pace north of Bismarck, plan to connect a 106-mile Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. natural gas line to the company station here soon. The $4,600,000 segment will give the company a complete loop through the western part of the state.