It Happened in Bismarck...


December 12, 1937

The oleomargarine market is "bullish" in North Dakota this fall for the first time since a legislative law laid a tax on the imitation butter product in 1911 and two western states are responsible for the rapid upturn, according to Culver S. Ladd, State Chemist.

December 12, 1962

A complete history of the North Dakota OilæIndustry in the Williston Basin, covering some 93 oil fields, is being printed by the North Dakota Geological Society. It is expected off the presses by January 1.

December 12, 1912

One man burned to death, another was badly scorched and three others escaped with singed hair and clothes when fire destroyed the new barn of the Standard Oil Company at Tenth and Front Streets. F. E. Derner, the new manager, died in the fire.

December 13, 1887

Two of Bismarck's most popular old-timers, John H. Richards and J. J. Jackman, have left the city for a trip to California and a swing around the occidental tropics during the winter months. They will meet in St. Paul and start for the Golden Gate.

December 13, 1937

Bismarck's "wettest" sleet storm in the memory of O. W. Roberts, veteran observer at the U.S. Weather Bureau, occurred Saturday night and Sunday morning as three-fourths inches of ice fell burdened with .20 inches of moisture.

December 13, 1962

Art Leno, manager of the Bismarck Chamber of Commerce, has been appointed to the Communications Evaluations Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce Executives. "He has distinguished himself in the field of chamber administration," said Albert T. Boyd, president of the group.

December 13, 1912

The TRIBUNE has just completed the publication of Oscar H. Will & Co's seed catalogue for 1913. About 200,000 were printed, an increase of 65,000 copies over the 1912 press run.

December 14, 1887

An important matter at the meeting of the city council last evening was that of acceptance of the water works which were reported as completed and ready for operation. A resolution to that effect was passed by a unanimous vote.

December 14, 1937

Approval of an irrigation district in the Painted Woods area of southern McLean and northern Burleigh Counties was voted by landowners of that region recently. The actual count was 22 to 7 in favor of the question.

December 14, 1962

The total volume of mail processed by the Post Office during the three-day opening of the Christmas "rush period," revealed a slight decrease in pieces handled as compared to 1961.

December 14, 1912

The Schubert Symphony Club and Ladies Quartette will be at the Bijou Theater at Bismarck on December 18, under the auspices of the Knights of Columbus. The seats are being sold at seventy-five cents, a very nominal price and within easy reach of all.

December 15, 1887

It was reported yesterday that a family consisting of Charles Whalen, wife and daughter were drowned in the Missouri about twenty miles below this city Tuesday evening. He did not know he was driving near an air hole until the horses broke through the ice.

December 15, 1937

Dates for the 18th annual Missouri Slope Poultry Show were announced as January 12, 13, 14 and 15 following an executive meeting of association directors here. Detailed plans are not yet completed.

December 15, 1962

Bismarck' s first new bank in many years will bring a new payroll of 11 to Bismarck when the State Bank of Burleigh County opens its doors for business. The local headquarters will be in the former National Tea Co. store on Fourth Street.

December 15, 1912

Custer Park skating pond was the scene of much merriment last evening, when the lights were on and a big crowd of young people were in attendance and enjoyed skating until late.

December 16, 1887

The fact that some of the prominent men and heavy property holders have refused to subscribe for the board of trade fund has discouraged many of the small subscribers. Public spirited citizens should not permit their ardor to be cooled by the bears.

December 16, 1937

Fastest transportation service ever offered between Bismarck, Denver and San Francisco was announced today by Hanford Airlines. A new schedule calls for departure from Bismarck at 12:50 a.m. daily and arrival in Denver at 9:55 p.m.

December 16, 1962

Measures to increase local revenue and to reduce expenses were approved for submission to the 1963 Legislature at a joint meeting of the League of North Dakota Municipalities Legislative and Executive Committees here this past week.

December 16, 1912

Friends of Aaron E. Boyce, who had a photograph gallery in the Dakota Block for about twelve years, will learn with regret of his death on December 6 from tuberculosis. He was born in New York State nearly 61 years ago.

December 17, 1887

The Bismarck National Bank, of which James W. Raymond was President, will go into voluntary liquidation and its assets and liabilities will be assumed by the Capital National Bank, of which Col. Clarence B. Little is President. The deal has been in progress for some time.

December 17, 1937

Twelve members of the American Legion and its auxiliary Friday were organizing an unusual Christmas party to be held Sunday at Open Your Heart headquarters. They will then assemble to pack Christmas boxes for needy families.

December 17, 1962

A total of 557 people in the state committed suicide in the ten year period, 1952-1961, the State Health Department says. Cass County has the greatest number, 62, Grand Forks County had 43 and Burleigh and Ward Counties each had 29.

December 17, 1912

The sisters of the Catholic school have made plans for their pupils to spend a pleasant afternoon on Friday, when the different grades will have their rooms in Christmas decorations and programs will be rendered.

December 18, 1887

The St. Paul Globe reports the serious illness of John H. Richards, Register of Deeds of Burleigh County, who is now stopping at the Clarendon in that city. He is said to be dangerously ill with typhoid fever.

December 18, 1937

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported recently that while 1937 was a year of bumper crops for the nation it was the fifth year of heavy drouth losses for a large portion of the Western Plains region.

December 18, 1962

There were two things on the lips of most Bismarckers yesterday---the weather and the Christmas shoppers. The "shirtsleeves" weather continued, coming within two degrees of the all-time high for the date, set in 1908.

December 18, 1912

Workmen are now finishing the interior of all the guest chambers on the Sixth floor of the McKenzie Hotel and they will be ready for occupancy before the first of the year. There are thirty rooms on the Sixth floor, half with toilet and bath and half without.

December 19, 1887

Mr. Luckow, manager of the Milwaukee Brewery in this city, went east last evening. He goes to Milwaukee to take care of the city business for the Fred Miller Brewing Company.

December 19, 1937

Adult homemaking classes sponsored by the local schools have suspended their activities until after the Christmas holidays. Classes will be resumed January 4, and additional enrollments will be taken at that time.

December 19, 1962

The out-of-town legislators coming to Bismarck soon for the 60-day 1963 legislative session are having little trouble locating housing. The secret this year is Rep. James Johnson, a Burleigh County House member and, conveniently, also a real estate agent.

December 19, 1912

The report cards showing pupils' grades for the third five weeks of school are being sent home this week and they should be carefully investigated by parents and guardians. If pupils are not up to grades there's a reason and it would be well to consult teachers for the reasons.

December 20, 1887

Thomas Nast, the man who has climbed to the topmost rung of the ladder of fame with the aid of a pen and pencil, arrived in the city yesterday in company with his son, a bright and handsome youth of 20 years. Last night's program was cancelled due to the blizzard and an unheated hall.

December 20, 1937

State Treasurer John Gray was back at his desk today but declined comment on results of his Washington, D.C. relief funds mission until he submits his report to Gov. William Langer. North Dakota may receive "at least $1,500,000" in federal aid.

December 20, 1962

Open Your Heart's grocery shopping list for its Christmas baskets totaled over five tons of food as the basket committee began placing orders with grocers and other suppliers. The total bill is expected to approach $4,500.

December 20, 1912

The city schools closed yesterday with appropriate exercises for the Christmas holidays and will reopen Monday, December 30, followed by a holiday the following Wednesday for New Year's Day.

December 21, 1887

Gentlemen desiring to make New Years calls should not fail to stop at the TRIBUNE office and take a look at the samples of New Year cards which have been received. The cards are not only beautiful, but are also novel and original.

December 21, 1937

Christmas will be just another day for August Normand, 61, Michigan, North Dakota, murderer---oldest inmate of the North Dakota State Penitentiary---who for 40 years has been serving his "natural life sentence" there.

December 21, 1962

Directors of Dakota Malting and Brewing Co. are pushing their efforts to buy the firm's own mortgage. The Dakota Mortgage Co. has been formed to raise funds to buy the $130,000 mortgage now held by the Dakota National Bank of Bismarck.

December 21, 1912

New telephone directories are being delivered and many changes of the letter to the subscriber's number will be noticed. On account of subscribers getting the K subscriber on party lines when they called for J the J letter will be dropped and replaced by the letter X.

December 22, 1887

The Sheridan House is gaining a reputation as a family hotel and promises to be the center of social brilliancy and cheer during the winter. Captain Call and family have abandoned their house on Prospect Heights and settled into rooms at the Sheridan.

December 22, 1937

Sale of 123 drug products manufactured by 90 different companies has been halted by North Dakota because of misbranding, Culver S. Ladd, State Food Chemist, announced. Action was taken under the state's newly amended food and drug act.

December 22, 1962

Although many offices including state, county and city offices, and some businesses will be closed on Monday, December 24, most retail stores will open at 9 a.m. and close at 4 p.m. Bars will close at 6 p.m. Christmas Eve, as required by state law.

December 22, 1912

In order that the 100 employees of the Bismarck Tribune Company may enjoy Christmas Day with their families as a complete holiday, the management will follow its long custom and no paper will be issued on the afternoon.

December 23, 1887

On Tuesday evening the Northern Pacific ticket office in this city was robbed of $100 and as this was the second time the burglars had thus paid their respects Ticket Agent Tuohy has resolved to pursue a vigorous search for the guilty parties.

December 23, 1937

Nearly 2,000 persons sat in reverent silence in the high school gymnasium Wednesday evening and watched a simple, beautiful enactment of the story of the Nativity.

December 23, 1962

The Christmas pageant of St. George's Episcopal Church will be presented today. Children of the second grade will portray scenes from the Nativity, while appropriate passages of Scripture from St. Luke and St. Matthew will be read.

December 23, 1912

The Christmas Cantata, entitled "A Night in the Orient " which was given at the Presbyterian Church deserves the highest commendation. Perfect harmony and expression marked the whole affair and it was in every way a pleasing musical treat.

December 24, 1887

The city schools closed yesterday with appropriate exercises in the different departments. In rooms 1, 2 and 3, on the south side, the exercises commenced at 10 a.m. and in the remaining rooms at 2:15 p.m.

December 24, 1937

Silent night, holy night, All is calm, all is bright. These words from the immortal Christmas anthem were never more applicable in Bismarck as Christmas Eve, 1937, found the Capital City prepared to celebrate the birth of the Christ child.

December 24, 1962

A North Dakota law prohibiting sale of candy cigarettes appears headed for its first court test here this week. It was passed in 1953 with the aim of discouraging minors from smoking. The Attorney General's office is almost positive this is the first time anyone has been arrested under the law.

December 24, 1912

Swedish Lutheran services, "Julotta," will be held at the courthouse Christmas Day at 6 o'clock in the morning. The Sunday School's Christmas program will be rendered at the courthouse Christmas Day at 7:30 p.m. All are cordially invited to attend.

December 25, 1887

Would Bismarck have a merry Christmas? A whirl about the city last evening was productive of a most emphatic answer to this question and the TRIBUNE assures its readers that nowhere on this gift-bedazzled land is Christmas more thoroughly enjoyed.

December 25, 1937

Native deer played a more important role in Bismarck's first Christmas in 1873 than did the prancing reindeer of Santa Claus. Linda W. Slaughter, with the ingenuity of a pioneer mother, used antlered heads to make a Christmas tree for her 4-year-old daughter.

December 25, 1962

Slope area residents put the last touches on the celebration of Christmas 1962 yesterday. By noon, shoppers began thinning out in the downtown area as last minute errands were completed. The stores closed by 4, the bars before 6. Merry Christmas.

December 25, 1912

The Tribune was in error in stating the Christmas exercises given by the Salvation Army would be last night. The real day is Wednesday evening and at that time there will be the usual entertainment and tree. The program will be a memorable one.

December 26, 1887

The first weather signal ever displayed in Bismarck now floats from the flag staff on the TRIBUNE building. Manager Sherwood of the Signal Office raised the cold wave signal---a white flag with a blue square in the center.

December 26, 1937

Charles F. Amidon, long-time federal judge for North Dakota but inactive in recent years, died at midnight yesterday at Tucson, Arizona, according to messages received here. He was 81. The foundation of the state's civil code is the work of Judge Amidon.

December 26, 1962

Last minute contributions by generous Bismarckers have raised cash received by Open Your Heart to a total it is estimated will be sufficient to meet expenses of the 1962 campaign. Today donations reaches $4,747.74.

December 26, 1912

With the coming of the New Year, the United States government will enter into a new field of enterprise---the transmittal of merchandise by what is known as parcel post. The last session of Congress authorized this, but in little more than a experimental way.

December 27, 1887

The holiday editions of the St. Paul papers---Pioneer Press and Globe---of last Sunday---twenty-eight pages each---were so large that the readers will hardly get through with them this week. These editions also, however, contain a large quantity of uninteresting slush.

December 27, 1937

Paintings of Prof. Paul E. Barr, director of the University of North Dakota Art Department, including 31 Badlands scenes, will be displayed this week in Memorial Hall of the state capitol building.

December 27, 1962

The late summer start on the new $300,000 Veterans Memorial Library in Bismarck is the big library event of the year. Readers holding library cards here number 10,741. Today donations reached $4,747.74.

December 27, 1912

George Rickerby, who was arrested Christmas night on a charge of bootlegging booze and taken to the city jail, has been bound over to the district court and at the time of going to press his friends had failed to rally to his support and bail him out of jail.

December 28, 1887

The attention of subscribers and readers of the BISMARCK WEEKLY TRIBUNE is called to the clubbing page. Farmers want plenty of reading matter for the long winter evenings and the TRIBUNE has made arrangements to furnish the best at a low price.

December 28, 1937

Memorial services for the late Judge John Burke will be held January 5 when the North Dakota Supreme Court convenes for the first time in 1938. Chief Justice Adolph M. Christianson said other prominent legal figures are expected to be present then.

December 28, 1962

Bismarck firemen were not exactly big spenders when it came to using water to fight fires this past year. A year end report by Fire Chief Al Ode showed the department used 1.8 gallons of water for every one gallon of gasoline used to deliver the trucks to a fire.

December 28, 1912

The winter term of the Bismarck Business College will open Monday, December 30, under the old management. Some changes have been made and the school will be prepared to handle a larger number of students than before.

December 29, 1887

Dr. W. A. Bentley left on last evening's train for Minneapolis, having in charge one of the prisoners from the Penitentiary, whose eyes---nearly blind---are to be treated by an experienced occulist.

December 29, 1937

North Dakota struck a trial balance today weighing pros and cons of the legalized sale of hard liquor and beer. Net state revenue from beer and liquor sales in 1937 was close to a million dollars, according to official records.

December 29, 1962

The local construction industry has cause for optimism in 1963 after a year which saw commercial and residential home building hang onto the tide set at the start of the decade while public building sagged off the pace.

December 29, 1912

When a phony check artist can get a policeman to endorse a check for him he is some artist, but it is claimed that is just what Frank Rivers did to one of the Bismarck police force. Rivers is apparently a man who was worthy of confidence.

December 30, 1887

There promises to be a large number of New Years callers this year and they are naturally anxious to know who will receive. Ladies who intend to receive will confer a favor on all concerned if they will send their names to the TRIBUNE before Saturday night.

December 30, 1937

Efforts to organize a city hockey league here have been shelved in favor of a move to organize a strong all-city team capable of handling other top-notch clubs around the state.

December 30, 1962

State legislators and governmental and civic leaders will join for the first time in a growing national custom on the second day of the 1963 legislative session---a Governor's Prayer Breakfast. The Grand Pacific Hotel's Hall of Four Seasons will be the scene, and upwards of 200 persons are expected.

December 30, 1912

The McKenzie Hotel is often the scene of pretty social events and last evening a number of the ladies and gentlemen of Bismarck gave a splendid supper in honor of the officers and ladies at Fort Lincoln, making a company of about forty in all.

December 31, 1887

At the Bismarck Academy of Dancing, Deportment and Physical Culture, the first soiree of the season will be given this evening. Grand march at 8:30 sharp. Friends of the classes are invited. Admission, 50 cents per couple.

December 31, 1937

Milton Rue Wednesday purchased the Rose Apartments from the F. W. Murphy Estate in what was probably the outstanding Bismarck real estate transaction for 1937. The property is located on Third Street, just north of the Postoffice building.

December 31, 1962

The Kiwanis Club's Boy Scout Troop No. 2 proved to be a hearty group Saturday by undertaking the ambitious task of building a log cabin "deep in the woods," for camping trips next summer. Located south of the horse barns on land owned by John F. Sullivan, the 12 by 18 cabin can sleep the entire troop.

December 31, 1912

The local Odd Fellows have left nothing undone to make the masked ball to be given at the Armory tonight the biggest event of its kind given in the Capital City. At about midnight a sumptuous supper will be served in the basement of the Armory.