It Happened in Bismarck...


November 17, 1937

Mrs. James Trimble, general chairman for the annual Girl Scout "Cookie Day," announces the sale of 1,575 boxes, or 63,000 cookies in Bismarck. With expenses paid the girls made $170.07 from the sale.

November 17, 1962

Maj. LaClaire A. Melhouse, 46, Minot, today was appointed Adjutant General of North Dakota. A junior high school math teacher, he is currently the executive officer of the 164th Engineer Battalion stationed at Minot.

November 17, 1912

Dr. C. E. Stackhouse wishes to announce that he is no longer associated with the medical firm of Roan, Fisher & Strauss but will open offices in the Lucas Block for the general practice of medicine and surgery.

November 18, 1887

Superintendent Greene of the Northern Pacific returned from the east yesterday with all necessary instructions for the running of the fast train over his division. Every superintendent is being compelled to make a personal inspection preparatory to the running of the new train.

November 18, 1937

Eight amateur boxers who will represent Burleigh County in the third annual Golden Gloves tournament, opening tonight at the World War Memorial Building, sat for a team picture which appeared on the front page of the TRIBUNE today.

November 18, 1962

Installation is to be completed this week on a new roller mill at the Peavey Elevator and Seed Plant here at Ninth Street and Main Avenue. The equipment consists of a dry grain roller with a 6 ton per hour capacity plus facilities for mixing of supplements for livestock feed.

November 18, 1912

Manager Casaday has moved the Singer headquarters from the old location on Third Street to the new spot in the Grand Pacific Hotel. The new quarters are very cosy, the location ideal, and Mr. Casaday is as proud as a woman with a new hat.

November 19, 1887

On Thursday evening, the 24th inst., the Pioneer Fire Company will give a Thanksgiving ball, for which elaborate preparations are being made. The Atheneum has been rented for the occasion and the best of music secured.

November 19, 1937

One man was killed and another seriously injured in a collision at the west end of the Memorial Highway Bridge across the Missouri River last evening. William Fleming of Scranton, age 50, died this morning in a Bismarck hospital.

November 19, 1962

The Interstate Commerce Commission has reaffirmed its earlier decision against rebuilding part of the Northern Pacific railroad's branch line between Mandan and Mott. The ruling probably means that the entire 130-mile line will be abandoned within the next two years.

November 19, 1912

Yesterday afternoon and evening was an eventful occasion with the local order of Lady Maccabees, when Mrs. Locke of Denver, the Supreme Lieutenant Commander, was here and had in charge the initiation and school of instruction. The session took place in the K.P. Hall.

November 20, 1887

The hose couplings recently ordered by the city arrived yesterday. These couplings are necessary as the old couplings do not fit the new hydrants. A public test will be made in a few days.

November 20, 1937

Beer stocks of four Bismarck and two Mandan distributors were "tied up" by the State Regulatory Department today because of alleged misbranding of the contents. An order was later issued forbidding sale of beer containing more than 4 per cent alcohol.

November 20, 1962

The Bismarck school board has named Ralph Werner to succeed the late Sidney J. Lee as Dean of Bismarck Junior College. In 1946 he became a full-time instructor in the BJC Commercial Department.

November 20, 1912

The case against the parties charged with rioting during the raid on the Elks' Club came up for hearing yesterday before Judge Perry. A change of venue was taken to Judge Casselman's court and since ht thought the grounds were insufficient the case was dismissed.

November 21, 1887

The printed programs for the meeting of the Dakota Horticultural Society have arrived and the TRIBUNE is pleased to see that Bismarck's famous horticulturalist and florist, Oscar Will, will speak on "Forestry in North Dakota."

November 21, 1937

.About $8,000 has already been turned in by Community Chest solicitors, leading chairman Spencer Boise to urge a greater effort to reach the goal of $13,500 as soon as possible.

November 21, 1962

George Middaugh, Exalted Ruler of the Bismarck Elks Lodge, has announced the opening of the Elks National Youth Leadership Contest. It is designed to spur youth to follow the example of America's astronauts, he said.

November 21, 1912

The Commercial Club directors held an important meeting last evening. Plans were made for a membership campaign, it being hoped that the present list of 145 members can be increased to over 200 by the annual meeting on December 3.

November 22, 1887

The Northern Pacific Railroad, the only one of the transcontinental lines running dining cars through to the Pacific coast, has released detailed information on the operation of the new limited train which began running November 20.

November 22, 1937

Fifty free turkeys will go on the block at the Bismarck Commercial Club's annual turkey raffle and smoker scheduled for tomorrow evening. There will be lunch, also, but no hint has been made as to what the entertainment would consist of.

November 22, 1962

Death came yesterday to Dr. William H. Bodenstab, who in 1898 at New Salem began a career in medicine that was to last more than 60 years, almost half a century of it in the city of Bismarck. He was 92 years old.

November 22, 1912

Sheriff Barnes' department at the county courthouse is silent and there seems to be nothing doing. In fact, one would think from the quietude surrounding the place that everybody in Burleigh County is so good they are spoiling. Can't somebody start something?

November 23, 1887

The party to be given at the Sheridan House next Monday evening by the gentlemen of Bismarck, has been christened. Invitations are out and read: "You are cordially invited to attend a Rooster Banquet, etc.,"

November 23, 1937

The two floors of the state capitol building left unfinished as an economy measure are both to be finished and occupied soon. One is being used by Federal relief agencies, the other by the newly-constituted Unemployment Compensation Commission.

November 23, 1962

A new grocery store, Val's Economy Grocery, and the Frosted Food Locker, which was located on Broadway Avenue for 21 years, have reopened this week, being side-by-side in a new building at the corner of Sweet Avenue and Airport Road.

November 23, 1912

Among the residences being erected this fall in Riverview Addition is the palatial home of Attorney General Miller, which is nearing completion at a cost of nearly $6,000. N. A. Freeburg, the contractor, is building some fine residences in the city.

November 24, 1887

The water main to the Dakota capitol building north of town is now completed. There are two hydrants---one at each end and to the south of the building.

November 24, 1937

Would-be sales girls can take hope. The boom times of Christmas season are just around the corner and first traces of them are already making themselves felt here, according to C. Vernon Freeman, of the Burleigh County national re-employment service.

November 24, 1962

The North Dakota Education Association has announced plans to build a new headquarters building in Bismarck. A six-person planning committee will proceed with selection of architect and planning for the new structure. No decision has been made as to the location.

November 24, 1912

Prof. C. F. Bolt of the high school received a consignment of freshly caught lake trout from friends in Michigan and on Saturday evening entertained eight friends at a fish dinner at the Grand Pacific Hotel. All were willing to do justice to Mr. Bolt's hospitality.

November 25, 1887

Mr. W. H. M. Cox, who has been in the capital city for some six weeks past, has completed a series of Indian sketches, taken among the tepees on the Missouri River bottoms, which will no doubt be warmly received when exhibited in his St. Louis studio.

November 25, 1937

Rev. F. E. Logee, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Bismarck, in a Thanksgiving Day talk, pointed to the country's national strength and security, stability, power, national character and ideals as reasons for thankfulness.

November 25, 1962

The Federal Power Commission has approved issuance by the Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. of $15 million in mortgage bonds. MDU provides electric and natural gas service in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.

November 25, 1912

Gilbert W. Haggart, of the Haggart Contracting Co., is in the city from Fargo and has been looking after his sewer contract. Work was progressing nicely until the heavy frost of Friday night, which delayed things to some extent.

November 26, 1887

There is a strict ordinance against the practice of depositing ashes and other rubbish in the streets and alleys. This will be enforced. Stores and other places should provide themselves with large zinc ash cans.

November 26, 1937

The bill for North Dakota's $2,000,000 skyscraper capitol will be marked "paid" in five years, according to Berta Baker, State Auditor. Since construction the state has been "paying" its obligations in installments which will be completed December 1, 1942.

November 26, 1962

The decision to postpone indefinitely public clinics for dispensing Type III Sabin Oral Polio Vaccine was reached recently by a group of Bismarck and Mandan physicians who have urged everyone to get Salk Vaccine Booster shots if they have not already done so.

November 26, 1912

The annual union Thanksgiving services will be held at the First Baptist Church Thursday evening at 7:30. Thanksgiving Day is set apart for the purpose of offering thanks to God for the blessings of the year's bounty.

November 27, 1887

Yesterday was the first cold day of the season. The air was of that dry, bracing character which has made the Missouri Valley famous for its delightful climate, and no one suffered. Few knew that the mercury was actually below zero.

November 27, 1937

The five executives who operate Corwin-Churchill Motors, Inc., in Bismarck are Neil O. Churchill, General Manager; Carl Reff, Service Manager; Charles Whittey, Jr., Merchandise Manager; R. .E. Middaugh, Office Manager and Fred Clements, Parts Manager.

November 27, 1962

Development of a parking lot on the south side of Broadway Avenue between Fifth and Sixth Streets here is a major recommendation of a parking survey completed by Alan M. Vorhees and Associates, Inc. A rough draft of the survey has been released.

November 27, 1912

The Bismarck Law College opened this week in the Dahl Block near the McKenzie Hotel where students are enrolling and taking up a regular course of law. The college will comply strictly with the requirements of the N.D. Board of Bar Examiners.

November 28, 1887

On Thanksgiving evening Paddy Byrnes, one of the best known of the old timers of the Missouri Slope, died of typhoid fever in Mandan. He was one of the whole-souled, broad gauge rustlers who made the town lively in its early days.

November 28, 1937

The depredations of rubber-tired rustlers are continuing in North Dakota but authorities have scored over 50 per cent in recovery of animals this month, according to the Bureau of Criminal Identification.

November 28, 1962

Bismarck Jaycees plan to make a community development survey in conjunction with Radio Day, in which the local Jaycees will operate Radio Station KBOM, and take listeners' suggestions as to what Bismarck needs in the way of future development.

November 28, 1912

The third number in the regular Lyceum Course will take place on Friday evening at the Bijou Theater. This entertainment is different from anything ever given in Bismarck. The artist is Sidney Landon who has achieved success as a character artist.

November 29, 1887

The ice crossing of the Missouri is now pronounced safe and numerous citizens have skimmed across the frozen stream. With the closing of the Missouri the social season between Bismarck and Fort Abraham Lincoln is opened.

November 29, 1937

The first term of federal district court in Bismarck's enlarged and remodeled U.S. courthouse is scheduled to commence Tuesday with Judge J. A. Donchoe of Omaha presiding in the absence of Judge Andrew Miller, ill in a Fargo hospital.

November 29, 1962

The public is invited to attend open houses Sunday at two new secondary education units in the public school system---Hillside Junior High School and the music addition at Bismarck High School.

November 29, 1912

Patent storm windows are being put on at the McKenzie and Soo Hotels and other improvements are being made at the Soo. Among these are the rearrangement of the heating plant and the removal of the lavatories from the basement to the first floor.

November 30, 1887

The most important step taken by the business men of Bismarck during the present year was that which brought about the preliminary arrangements for the reorganization of the Chamber of Commerce Monday evening.

November 30, 1937

Bismarck Motors, Inc., will have its grand opening in the building at 618-622 Main Avenue, recently vacated by the temporary federal postoffice. It has undergone thorough redecoration and is now equipped for modern auto servicing.

November 30, 1962

Basin Electric and federal officials joined recently in hailing the projected building of a 200,000-kilowatt lignite burning power plant near Stanton as a "milestone" in North Dakota's history. A contract for the exchange of power with federal hydro-electric plants, was signed at the same time.

December 1, 1887

Bismarck merchants are preparing for the holiday trade and are convinced that the trade will be as large as during any season in the history of the city. There is more money in the country than there was a year ago and the little ones and friends will be remembered.

December 1, 1937

Ira Emory Burkhart, 4-year-old son of Raymond Burkhart, 220 South Third Street, was fatally injured late yesterday afternoon when struck by a delivery truck near the corner of Third Street and Sweet Avenue while playing with a group of children.

December 1, 1962

Mel Engle and N. M. (Nibs) Krueger have taken over the operation of the Midway Lounge between Bismarck and Mandan and are holding a grand opening today. A player piano is being permanently installed for the entertainment of customers.

November 30, 1912

The basketball game between Company A and the High School was played on Friday evening with Co. A winning, 29-10. The game was rather rough though it showed what the high school has, and that they will be in good shape for their trip.

December 1, 1912

The union meeting of the Young People's societies of churches, which was held at the chapel of the Presbyterian Church last evening, was most beneficial. Many valuable ideas were set forth by several members so that it is hoped similar meetings may be held in the future.

December 2, 1887

Abe Goodkind returned from a commercial tour of the west Missouri country Tuesday morning. He gives a thrilling description of the killing of two white prisoners by the three Sioux Indians in the Glendive, Montana, jail.

December 2, 1937

Cheery Christmas lights in Bismarck homes will again twinkle this year in direct competition for Junior Association of Commerce home decoration awards. The best decorated home could win $25 in cash.

December 2, 1962

Thirty Soo Line workers and their wives gathered at the Grand Pacific Hotel Steak House to honor Wendell D. Brown, who retired recently after 43 years of railroading. He joined the Soo Line in 1919 after a year with the Milwaukee Road.

December 2, 1912

The Oriole Club, formed three years ago with six members, met with Irma Logan recently. The pastime of the club is usually sewing, and at this season of the year naturally the girls also exchange Christmas ideas as to gifts.

December 3, 1887

Experiments made by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul road, with the thermometer ranging from 12 to 18 degrees below zero, proved the efficiency of steam heating for passenger coaches. Through trains from St. Paul to Chicago will now be equipped with steam radiators.

December 3, 1937

All three westbound planes of the Northwest Airlines are now stopping in Bismarck, after a brief discontinuance. The change gives the city stops of three westbound and two eastbound aircraft.

December 3, 1962

Weatherwise, it hasn't seemed much like the Christmas season in recent days, but every day brings the holiday nearer. A sure reminder of the fact are the various Christmas tree sales lots, now in operation around town.

December 3, 1912

Joe Breslow deserves praise from Bismarck people for introducing here the simple buckthorn bark and giverine mixture, known as Adler-I-ka. This simple German remedy became famous by curing appendicitis; a single dose will relieve your stomach.

December 4, 1887

Work on the seventh span of the great International bridge at the Sault Ste. Marie has begun and the "Soo" road will be completed and trains running December 15. The bridge is designed for the joint use of the "Soo" and the Canadian Pacific.

December 4, 1937

Jacob Horner, pioneer resident of Bismarck and last member of Custer's 7th Cavalry, left Bismarck recently for Los Angeles, California, expecting to arrive there Sunday. He plans to spend the winter in southern California.

December 4, 1962

The Bismarck Exchange Club has launched its safety project to teach safety to the local school youngsters. It started with a demonstration and the weekly Monday meeting and continued with an actual presentation at Wachter School that afternoon.

December 4, 1912

Capt. Grant P. Marsh telephoned the Tribune this morning that the Missouri River navigation had closed for the season, the river having frozen over at the bridge this morning at 9 a.m.

December 5, 1887

It is suggested that Dakota Territory purchase the body of the panther now on exhibition in this city and have it stuffed and mounted for the territorial museum. The suggestion is a good one. It would be by far the finest specimen in the collection.

December 5, 1937

Nothing in Bismarck's recent history has provoked as much interest as the proposal to place city employees under civic service. The Tribune assists by printing point by point analysis of the proposed ordinance.

December 5, 1962

The Bismarck city commission approved without opposition five ordinances overhauling local dog regulations. One of them reduces the license fees to a flat $4 for all canines with no differentiation between male and female animals.

December 5, 1912

Harry McLean, who has been visiting friends in the city for some time, left for Toronto Tuesday afternoon. Harry is a son of the late John A. McLean, one of the first mayors of Bismarck, and always enjoys a visit to his boyhood home.HHa

December 6, 1887

The lovers of dancing and physical development will be pleased to learn that an Academy of Dancing, Deportment and Physical Culture is about to be established in the city with Mr. A. T. Sherwood as principal. Forty Bismarckers are already members of the class.

December 6, 1937

Ballet fans from Bismarck and the surrounding area filled the City Auditorium Saturday evening for a performance by Col. de Basil's Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, presented here under the sponsorship of Miss Florence Fritsch.

December 6, 1962

Open Your Heart, Bismarck annual Christmas charity sponsored by Lloyd Spetz Post No. 1 of the American Legion, commenced its 33rd year of operation yesterday. Headquarters this year are in the building on Main Avenue formerly occupied by the Dunahey's Paint Spot.

December 6, 1912

At a recent meeting of the Commercial Club Assistant Attorney General Costello called attention to the need of united and instant action in the matter of the capitol building. Others echoed this sentiment and it was suggested a capitol commission be created during the upcoming legislative session.

December 7, 1887

Professor Amos Robidou, the weather oracle, accounts for the snow and frost in the midst of his predicted Indian Summer on the ground that it is necessary for him to extract the cold from the atmosphere to make it warm. The Indian Summer will follow.

December 7, 1937

When Bismarck's Elks have a thing to do they want it done right. And therefore they do it themselves. That's why they looked into their own band to find musicians for the eight-piece orchestra which will play for the dance at the Dome Friday night.

December 7, 1962

Ad advertisement which Jerry's Supper Club ran in the Bismarck Tribune has been chosen by Swift & Co. as one the best in the nation. The ad, promoting the Memorial Highway night spot between Bismarck and Mandan appeared earlier this year.

December 7, 1912

Arrangements are being planned for the re-opening of the capitol restaurant, and while it is not definitely settled, it is rumored that R. D.Coonen, who has conducted it during the last two sessions will again have the concession.

December 8, 1887

There is excellent skating at many points on the Missouri and the youths of Bismarck are considering establishment of an ice rink. There is also interest in organizing a toboggan club.

December 8, 1937

Bismarck's annual Open Your Heart campaign was going full blast today with members of the American Legion and other volunteers bringing in goods to the headquarters at 220 Main Avenue.

December 8, 1962

The Interstate Commerce Commission has advised that the effective date of its order directing the abandonment of the Northern Pacific Mandan-Mott branch has been postponed. It is part of the growing effort by the Public Service Commission and the towns along the line to keep the line open.

December 8, 1912

Carpenters are busy placing shelving in the library of the State Historical Society's museum room, which will aid in caring for the many books which have heretofore been simply placed on the floor. The shelf space is badly needed.

December 9, 1887

George Gussner of the Central Block Market has imported an expert sausage maker from the old country. The fact that his steam sausage mill is going constantly is proof of the popularity of that article among customers.

December 9, 1937

Rules governing use of all city-maintained skating rinks and the warming house at the high school were posted today by George Schaumberg, who is in charge of the high school rink.

December 9, 1962

Model car building, one of the fastest growing hobbies in the country, will get a rocket ride to the top of the local hobby heap this weekend, with a huge "car show" featuring entries from throughout the state. The show will be the first held here since 1959.

December 10, 1887

The ladies of Bismarck are already discussing the question of a leap year party and it is expected that they will give the men a few good lessons in entertainment during the approaching year.

December 10, 1937

Tomorrow at 9 a.m. the doors of the Scott-Burr 5-10-and-25 cent store at 208-210 Fourth Street will be opened to the public. The store will handle a wide variety of goods, specializing in the 10-cent price range.

December 10, 1962

Demands for warm clothes, bedding and overshoes soared at Open Your Heart headquarters today as the first snow of the season warned of colder weather that will soon be facing the city's needy. The demand is most critical in the area of children's clothing.

December 9, 1912

Stanley Washburn, son of the late W. D. Washburn, Minneapolis, was among prominent visitors in the city Saturday at The McKenzie. Mr. Washburn is well known in newspaper work and also for his literary fame, having recently completed a new book.

December 10, 1912

A falling ladder caused the loss of 12,000 gallons of kerosene oil at the warehouse of the Marshall Oil Co. this morning. The ladder was blown down by high winds and struck one of the valves on the tank, resulting in it being emptied onto the ground.

December 11, 1887

The Rev. Caleb Ben-Ham announces that the services he will hold in the Episcopal Church today will the last for a couple of months, as he will go to New York on Thursday of this week to spend the holidays.

December 11, 1937

Sunday, December 12, is to be observed in the churches of the world as Universal Bible Sunday and special services have been arranged at the First Baptist Church in Bismarck in recognition of the day.

December 11, 1962

The Bismarck Trades and Labor Assembly has rejected the idea of prefabricated temporary classrooms being considered by the Bismarck school board for use here. Labor delegates prefer architect-designed structures built with local labor.

December 11, 1912

Hon. Patrick E. Byrne, private secretary to Governor John Burke, and his family have moved to their new magnificent home just completed on East Avenue A. The handsome house was designed by the Minneapolis architectural firm of Purcell, Feick & Elmslie.

December 12, 1887

James W. Foley, Sr., came in from Medora yesterday and will proceed east tomorrow. Mr. Foley has charge of the Marquis de Mores and Baron von Hoffman interests during the former's six months absence on a tiger hunt in India.