It Happened in Bismarck...


May 26, 1887

Colonel Monroe, the water works contractor, has rented rooms over the Capital National Bank, where he will have headquarters during the summer.

May 26, 1937

BismarckÕs city commissioners ran into Òliquor troubleÓ at a recent meeting as two men found fault with zoning regulations of the city liquor ordinance, a group of dealers petitioned for reduction of on-and-off sale license fees, and another operator had his license revoked.

May 26, 1962

The Rt. Rev. Monsignor William F. Garvin, Vicar General of the Bismarck Catholic Diocese and pastor of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, will celebrate the 25th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood in ceremonies on Memorial Day, May 30.

May 26, 1912

The State Historical Society has engaged Miss Frances Densmore of Washington, D.C., to spend six months in research work among the Mandan and Gros Ventre Indians on the Fort Berthold reservation.

May 27, 1887

The people will be delighted to learn that ex-city treasurer, George E. Reed, and his friends have been heard from, and that they will settle every just claim which the city may present.

May 27, 1937

Bismarck is benefiting, at least a little, by the one-judge campaign at Minot to make out-of-state salesmen buy North Dakota auto licenses, a check of local hotels indicated Thursday.

May 27, 1962

The family home of Dr. Eric P. Quain, located at the northwest corner of Sixth Street and Avenue A, was moved this week to 2111 Rosser Avenue, and will be remodeled into an apartment house.

May 27, 1912

Conductor Anderson of the Soo Line is enjoying a short vacation trip, and during his absence his run is being supplied by Conductor Ed Heath. B. J. Abbott of the east end of the division, is supplying HeathÕs run during the interval.

May 28, 1887

Miss Francis Willard, who is national president of the WomanÕs Christian Temperance Union, will be in Bismarck on or before the 18th of June and will address the people of this city upon some subject connected with the work of that organization.

May 28, 1937

Clem Casey, driver of the car that struck and killed John Olson, farm laborer, on the highway east of Bismarck Tuesday night, was exonerated of any culpability in the accident by the coronerÕs jury.

May 28, 1962

A truckload of North Dakota manufactured products, from 24 firms, left Bismarck over the weekend for the North Dakota picnic at Seattle, Washington on June 3 and the WorldÕs Fair on June 5.

May 28, 1912

William Murray was arrested on suspicion by Chief of Police McDonald and this afternoon a warrant will be sworn out charging him with the theft of 1,000 pounds of government high potential copper cable from the Reclamation Bureau at Williston.

May 29, 1887

At a meeting of the Board of Education on Saturday evening, all teachers were re-elected for the ensuing year. This is a substantial compliment to the good sense of the board.

May 29, 1937

Final preparations for the welcoming here Monday afternoon of two cars of the Elks Official Safety Good Will Fleet will be made this week-end, it was announced Archie O. Johnson, committee chairman in charge representing the local B.P.O.E.

May 29, 1962

North DakotaÕs selection for the Statuary Hall of Fame in Washington, D.C., an eight-foot statue of the late John Burke, was approved in its clay model form by Utah sculptor Avard Fairbanks for the state Statuary Hall Commission.

May 29, 1912

Judge Newton C. Young of Fargo spent yesterday afternoon with old time friends at the capitol. He came in to argue for the respondent in the case of Edwards vs. Cass County.

May 30, 1887

The TRIBUNE is now enabled to announce that the Aberdeen, Bismarck & Northwestern railroad will be grated to Bismarck before November 1, and that all reports that the road has been abandoned are utterly false and without foundation.

May 30, 1937

John Gray, North Dakota State Treasurer, will give the principal address at Memorial Day observances in the City Auditorium here Monday, according to Harry Bernstein, commander of the local V.F.W. post.

May 30, 1962

Leaving here Friday for the Seattle WorldÕs Fair and the North Dakota Picnic near there will be the 18-piece Bismarck Junior College Bagpipe Band and its director, George Anderson. The group will travel by train, as is the Bismarck High School Band.

May 30, 1912

Herbert C. Fish has announced himself as a candidate for member of the Board of Education of Bismarck for the one year term, to be voted on Tuesday, June 4.

May 31, 1887

Memorial Day was impressively observed in Bismarck, and the citizens turned out in large numbers to attend the exercises in the Methodist Church. The ceremonies began with a parade of the Grand Army veterans from their post headquarters to the church.

May 31, 1937

Harry Herschleb, 39-year-old World War veteran, director of the statewide historical marker project and technical supervisor for the veterans C.C.C. camp at Mandan, died Saturday at Jamestown.

May 31, 1962

The Capitol Theater here at 412 Main Avenue, has been closed and there are no definite plans for reopening the place. Manager Don Larson has been in the theater business in Bismarck since 1932, serving both the Capitol and the Bismarck theaters.

June 1, 1887

At a meeting of the Board of Education on Saturday evening, all teachers were re-elected for the ensuing year. This is a substantial compliment to the good sense of the board.

June 1, 1937

A fire protection program for historic Chateau de Mores at Medora has been mapped by the State Historical Society in cooperation with the National Park Service. A caretaker's house of stone will be added to the site.

June 1, 1962

St. Alexius Hospital will open its new $1,450,000 addition to the public here next week with tours through the new facilities. The opening was set just a jump ahead of the contractors, to coincide with the joint meeting of the North Dakota and South Dakota State Medical Associations here.

June 1, 1912

Grant Call, Secretary of the Burleigh County Automobile Club, has carefully read the road from Jamestown to Bismarck and the speedometer readings will be incorporated in the guide book of North Dakota to be issued soon.

June 2, 1887

One of the most interesting discoveries ever made in this section of country is that of a cave over 100 feet deep located thirty miles north of Bismarck. It was found last Saturday by Isaac Clark and Isaac Ross, of this city, who were out on a drive in the country.

June 2, 1937

Almost forgotten Bismarck history came to light yesterday when a bottle, containing a written note, was found by John Putz, janitor at the Will School, as he was digging out a box elder tree planted in May 1907.

June 2, 1962

About 1,800 North Dakota National Guardsmen rumbled from their home armories around the state Saturday to begin a two-week active duty training period. The troop units, 24 in all, will spend four days in bivouac before moving on to Camp Grafton near Devils Lake.

June 2, 1912

Twenty charter members of the Bismarck Council of the Boy Scouts of America are planning upon an active campaign for the organization of troops of Scouts in the Capital City.

June 3, 1887

Mayor Bentley is right. Stock running at large in the city is a nuisance. Let no guilty cow escape. Put her in the pound!

June 3, 1937

Work on the new addition to the Postoffice/Federal building here will be fully up to schedule by July 1. Daniel J. Lix, construction engineer of the U.S. Treasury Department, who is supervising the work, predicted Thursday.

June 3, 1962

Army engineers plan to spend about $50,000 to develop recreational facilities in North Dakota areas of the Oahe Reservoir during the next two years. The plan includes development of the Sibley Island area south of Bismarck.

June 3, 1912

Only seven of the thirty-one days of May were days of sunshine, according to the monthly meteorological summary issued by Section Director Orris W. Roberts of the U.S. Weather Bureau at Bismarck.

June 4, 1887

The weekly shoot of the Bismarck Gun Club last evening was largely attended, both by participants and the general public. The club will hold weekly shoots every Tuesday---weather permitting.

June 4, 1937

More than $100,000 is being spent by the Northern Pacific Railway Company in improving its roadbed in the Bismarck vicinity. Work consists of bank widening and rock ballasting 27 miles of main line track from the Missouri River east to near Sterling.

June 4, 1962

Bismarck-Mandan will be among North Dakota cities making their bids as the site of the 1964 National Plowing Matches at a meeting here tomorrow. These matches draw as many as 100,000 visitors over a three-day period.

June 4, 1912

This evening at the First Baptist Church twelve nurses who have completed their course at the training school for nurses of the Bismarck Hospital and Deaconess Home will be awarded their diplomas.

June 5, 1937

Latest business equipment and methods will be shown at the Hoskins-Meyer business show in the Service Club dining room of the Grand Pacific Hotel next Friday and Saturday nights.

June 5, 1887

In compliance with a recent request of the mayor, over 300 dogs were killed in Chicago one day last week. That many unmuzzled and unlicensed canines could be killed in Bismarck and still the town would be full of ïem.

June 5, 1962

The Bismarck city commission accepted the resignation today of Police Lieutenant Eddie Weible, who was in charge of the local department's traffic division. Police Commissioner Ernest Fleck said Weible's resignation was voluntary.

June 5, 1912

Charles Schartow has leased the Hare Amusement Parlors for the summer months and has purchased the entire stock. Mr. Schartow proposes to conduct an up-to-date billiard and pool parlor here.

June 6, 1887

The electric lights will be turned on about the 15th. The electrician desires to have everything complete before he let's her flicker.

June 6, 1937

Preparations for what is expected to be Wishek's largest Fourth of July celebration are going ahead with plans calling for Gov. William Langer to appear as the principal speaker.

June 6, 1962

A full-page Tribune ad announced the renaming of the local Ford Motor Co. dealership from Universal Motor Company to McCarney's Ford, Inc., with Robert P. McCarney as president. The business is still located at 24th and Broadway.

June 6, 1912

The Sunday School of the Swedish Lutheran Church will hold its annual picnic at the Capitol grounds Friday afternoon, June 7. Members and friends are cordially invited.

June 7, 1887

The public schools of the city will close for the summer vacation this week. Exercises will be held in the several departments, and the commencement exercises of the first graduating class of the Bismarck High School will be held Friday evening, June 10, at the Atheneum.

June 7, 1937

Opening of the Bismarck Junior Legion baseball season under the auspices of the City Park Board drew 190 boys Monday morning. According to C. W. Leifur, some were kept away by attendance at vacation church schools.

June 7, 1962

North Dakota, and Bismarck, is beginning to feel the pressure of tourist traffic headed west over the northern routes to the Seattle World's Fair. So far, local hotels have been getting the play from bus tours headed west, but the big crush of family travel is coming.

June 7, 1912

C. W. Gordon has commenced to build a house on East Rosser Street, where he has acquired ten lots. The contract was let to N. A. Freeburg who is supervising the work of construction.

June 8, 1887

The capitol grounds have been graded and fenced, and with several weeks more of work all that will be necessary to give Dakota as inviting capitol grounds as can be found in any northwestern state will be the necessary time for the grass to grow and the trees to take on a growth of foliage.

June 8, 1937

A complaint that Bismarck police officers had mistreated a citizen when he resisted their attempt to quiet him was dropped by the city commissioners when they decided there was no foundation for the charge.

June 8, 1962

The biggest boat built in Bismarck since steamboat days will be launched here sometime next week. Frank Keller and his wife, Lillian, are masters of the 36-foot-long "River Queen" which is driven by an automobile engine and a high-powered jet of water.

June 8, 1912

The Board of Trustees of the North Dakota Firemen's Association are in session today at the Hotel McKenzie, for the purpose of auditing the books of the association and making ready for the annual report that will be issued at the state convention.

June 9, 1887

The Lightnings defeated the Fondas Friday evening, when the fourth game of the great base ball championship series was played. Score, 41 to 27.

June 9, 1937

Iver M. Acker, Assistant State Director of the North Dakota Resettlement Administration, today was running the office until Washington could appoint a successor to Director Howard Wood, who voluntarily resigned Tuesday.

June 9, 1962

An American citizen's most priceless heritage---his right to vote---will be the fundamental theme of the Elks Flag Day ceremonies here. Rev. A. E. Smith of St. George's Episcopal Church voiced this thought in honoring those who will cast their first ballots this year.

June 10, 1887

Workmen are busily engaged in fitting up a room in the grain elevator for the reception of the engines, dynamos and other necessary machinery for the electric light company.

June 10, 1937

Townsendites from throughout North Dakota will convene in Bismarck June 21and 22 for a two-day convention and rally, it was announced by L. L. Rudrud, president of the Capital City Townsend Club.

June 10, 1962

Sister Kathryn Zimmer, O.S.B., recently returned from Washington, D.C., where she received the Ph.D. degree from Catholic University. She will serve as an associate dean in charge of community service education at Mary College in Bismarck.

June 9, 1912

Tuesday, June 25, will be the big day in Bismarck and Burleigh County. The third regular Market Day will be held so that farmers may visit the Better Farming Special which will arrive in the city that morning and remain until noon.

June 10, 1912

Fort Lincoln's baseball team defeated the Mandan nine on the latter's grounds Sunday afternoon by the decisive score of 11 to 5. Only a small crowd was in attendance to witness the contest.

June 11, 1887

A glittering metropolis, a bedazzling capital; a bouquet of light. This is what Bismarck became last evening when the grand transformation scene which has so long been expected took placed by the magic of the electric lights.

June 11, 1937

Anton "Dusky" Schneider, diminutive pitcher for the Bismarck Junior American Legion team, Thursday walked into the baseball hall of fame---pitcher of the first no-hit game ever chalked up by a local Legion team hurler.

June 11, 1962

A display ad for local Super Value grocery stores featured Oscar Meyer wieners for 59 cents a package, frozen breaded shrimp for 69 cents a 10 ounce package and a 40 ounce box of Bisquick for 47 cents.

June 11, 1912

Mr. and Mrs. William Dolan arrived in the city Sunday to spend a month's vacation at their former home. "Billy" Dolan was for many years connected with the Tribune, but during the past four years has been employed at Butte, Spokane and other western points.

June 12, 1887

George C. Milne, who treated a Bismarck audience to some fine acting last evening, was called upon by a TRIBUNE reporter yesterday afternoon, and proved to be as good an entertainer in the easy chair as upon the stage.

June 12, 1937

Water brimmed to the edges of the Bismarck Municipal Swimming Pool today as Arnold C. Van Wyk, Manager, and his assistants cleared up the last details in preparation for opening for this season.

June 12, 1962

As part of the annual convention of the North Dakota Stockmen's Association Leo Edmonson of Winnipeg, Manitoba, described his experience in shipping a trainload of cows from Mexico to Alberta, Canada back in 1904.

June 12, 1912

Commencing Wednesday, July 3, the Fifth Annual Missouri Slope championship tennis tournament will be started on the courts of the Capital City Tennis Association and many of the better players in the Northwest will be in attendance.

June 13, 1887

On Monday evening next the Philharmonic Club of New York, will appear in the Atheneum and the people of Bismarck will be given a musical feast such as they have never before enjoyed.

June 13, 1937

Honus Wagner, High Commissioner of Semi-Professional Baseball, has announced that the North Dakota state tournament would be staged at Bismarck on July 30, 31 and August 1, under the direction of R. J. Heath, State Commissioner.

June 13, 1962

Harold O'Neil, manager of the Bismarck Theater on Third Street recalled that the place opened as the Eltinge in the early 1920s, was remodeled as the Paramount in 1928 and by the 1940s was known by its present name.

June 13, 1912

Secretary F. L. Brandt of the Board of Control left this morning for Wahpeton to attend the annual convention of the German American Alliance. This organization has a national scope and a membership of about four millions.

June 14, 1887

The Minneapolis & Pacific railroad is rapidly pushing its grade toward the Missouri. Track laying will begin July 1, and it is proposed to have the road completed and in running order as far as Bismarck some time next fall.

June 14, 1937

Rain of torrential power ripped through local highways over the past weekend. Westbound motor buses were tied up at Bismarck Monday and officials said they could not move over the soft roads for some time.

June 14, 1962

Secretary of State Ben Meier is turning back some of the petitions filed with his office seeking to reapportion the North Dakota Legislature by a constitutional Amendment, pointing out that many of them had not been filled out correctly.

June 14, 1912

Mrs. Dan Eisenberg of Jamestown, New York, visited the State Historical Society Thursday and in looking over an 1879 hotel register discovered her husband's name in his own handwriting.

June 15, 1887

When the new water works is completed the city will be well protected against fire, as forty hydrants will be taken at the start. These will be so distributed as to give a thorough protection to the property on the main business and residence streets.

June 15, 1937

A pond was formed at the south end of the capitol grounds due to recent heavy rains. Ironically, a year ago the same spot was where drouth-stricken cows were permitted to graze after their normal pastures were cropped short.

June 15, 1962

For the tenth straight year, the Northern Exposition Shows Carnival will appear in Bismarck under the auspices of the local Fraternal Order of Eagles. It opens for a week-long stand at a location on Airport Road.

June 15, 1912

Outlining for the first time his complete plans for the Second Annual North Dakota Industrial Exposition to be held in Bismarck October 1 to 13, Commissioner William C. Glilbreath addressed a banquet and get-together of the Commercial Club.

June 16, 1887

The commencement exercises of the Bismarck High School were the first of the kind here. The '87 graduating class was not large---only two, Miss Emelia S. Hanson and Miss Jeanette E. Ward.

June 16, 1937

Bismarck police today continued their frantic search for the man who in recent weeks has spread terror in the community by attacking eight different women. A report that the man had been caught was described as "erroneous."

June 16, 1962

North Dakota cheese makers met recently in the State Capitol to form an industry-wide state association. Cheese makers participating were from Oakes, Strasburg, Hazen, Lefor, Lakoga and Beach. Don Wadzinski was elected president.

June 16, 1912

The Bon Ton Restaurant, which was recently opened at 514 Broadway by Ed Wildes, is making good with the patrons of first class cafes. His aim is to give his customers the very best service obtainable.

June 17, 1887

Many citizens of Bismarck have spoken to the TRIBUNE on the question of a celebration of the 4th of July, and there seems to be a general sentiment in favor of a genuine independence demonstration.

June 17, 1937

No charges were filed against either party following a collision at the intersection of Rosser Avenue and Sixth Street this morning. One of the cars rolled over but no one was hurt. Neither driver had a driver's license, police reported.

June 17, 1962

Rehearsals for the "Old Four-Eyes" drama are under way at Medora. Bryan Gackle is returning as director and David Lommen is back in the role of Theodore Roosevelt after a year's absence.

June 17, 1912

"Lady Audley's Secret," is a photo-play based upon the well-known English novel of the same name. It is a period story dating back to about the early forties and will be shown at the Bismarck Theater tonight and Tuesday.

June 18, 1887

Main Street in Bismarck is now the handsomest business street in the Territory but it can and will be made more beautiful by a little grading and rounding up. This can be done while the street is torn up for the laying of water mains.

June 18, 1937

One of the strangest requests to come before a North Dakota chief executive was made to Gov. William Langer by three aged Sioux Indian chieftains who seek a buffalo bull for a barbecue feast as part of the pow-wow festivities at Cannonball next month.

June 18, 1962

Bismarck's Legion nine posted two decisive wins over the weekend to run its season's record to 10-2 and its Western Division mark to 2-0. Saturday a three-hit game defeated Wahpeton 8-5 followed by a Sunday 14-4 drubbing of Williston.

June 18, 1912

Tomorrow afternoon the members of Bismarck Lodge 1199, B.P.O.E., will be hosts to their mothers, wives, daughters and sisters at a card party to be given in the Elks Hall at 2:30 p.m.

June 19, 1887

Edward Hackett, Bismarck's first mayor and one of the first of her pioneers, is in the city. He is here perfecting his title to a part of the townsite of Minot, in which bustling little town he has driven his stakes for the future.

June 19, 1937

Barring a serious accident to one of the boats, four motor cruisers were expected to end their 2,300-mile race up the Missouri River from St. Louis to Fort Benton around noon today. A three-day celebration will climax the event.

June 19, 1962

In the ancient ceremony of the blessing of the bells, the Most Rev. Hilary B. Hacker, Bishop of Bismarck, consecrated the three chapel bells to be erected in the new bell tower at Annunciation Priory south of town. The bells were made in the Netherlands and were named Hilary, Joseph and Mary as part of the ceremony.

June 19, 1912

Despite the sea of mud that inundated the streets of the Capital City the stupendous free street parade of the Al G. Barnes Wild animal Circus occurred promptly on time yesterday morning. Hundreds watched the magnificent spectacle.

June 20, 1887

The spacious auditorium of the Presbyterian Church was well filled Sunday evening, the occasion being n address by Frances E. Willard, president of the national W.C.T.U. As a special mark of their regard for the speaker, the audience rose, upon her introduction, and waves their handkerchiefs.