It Happened in Bismarck...


May 1, 1887

The westbound Northern Pacific passenger train jumped the track four miles east of Sterling yesterday with one man---William Otis Breed of Faribault, Minnesota, being killed and twenty-five injured. Six coaches were completely wrecked.

May 1, 1912

May 4th, which is next Saturday, is the date set for the first 1912 Market Day, and everyone in the county is invited to come to Bismarck on that day, whether you have any money or not.

May 1, 1937

Air commerce officials are confident, Senator Guy M. Gillette of Iowa said, that available funds are sufficient to undertake lighting of the Omaha-Sioux City-Minneapolis-Bismarck air ways.

May 1, 1962

BismarckÕs answer to the Community celebration today---a giant Loyalty Day parade and program involving thousands of persons ranging from fourth graders to Spanish-American War veterans---took lots of hard work to transform from an idea to a reality.

May 2, 1887

Messrs. Van Houten Bros. & Little have conveyed their interest in the Bismarck Elevator CompanyÕs grain elevator here to T. C. Power of Fort, Benton, Montana.

May 2, 1937

BismarckÕs eighth annual Community Center, given Sunday afternoon at the City Auditorium as a part of the cityÕs observance of Music Week, was enthusiastically applauded by a large crowd and appreciative audience.

May 2, 1962

Two members of a religious order almost unknown in this part of the country are in Bismarck to acquaint residents with the work of the Medical Mission Sisters. Sisters M. Sarah and M. Jean are headquartered at the St. Alexius Hospital during their five-week stay.

May 2, 1912

workmen have been busy the past day or two removing the arc lights from the business district. The installation of the White Way lighting system has rendered the use of the arc lights unnecessary.

May 3, 1887

It is understood that at the next meeting of the city council a resolution will be adopted compelling bicyclers to ride in the streets and not drive their vehicles on the sidewalks.

May 3, 1937

According to R. M. Stee, a consulting mining engineer, Òthe first commercial gold placer plant will be operating in central North Dakota this month, working gravel which pit-run assays show has gold content of 35 to 6- cents a yard.Ó

May 3, 1962

Bismarck police officers were somewhat pink around the ears today after one officer wheeled a squad car into one of the safety inspection points being operated here this weekend. The car flunked the safety check---its tires were worn too thin for safe driving.

May 3, 1912

The first annual meeting of the North Dakota Division of the Society of the Friendless was held in the Commercial Club hall at Bismarck Thursday afternoon and evening. On hand was Dr. E. A. Fredenhagen of Kansas City, founder of the Society.

May 4, 1887

The fire bell rang yesterday morning at 8 oÕclock and the fire department responded promptly to extinguish the flames in the old Falconer boarding house on the corner of First and Thayer Streets.

May 4, 1937

McKayÕs single to right field scoring Stoler in the 13th inning gave the Grove Giants, the penitentiary baseball team, a 3 to 2 victory over the Bismarck Capitol club in the first game of the season for both outfits Sunday.

May 4, 1962

Corwin-Churchill captured the BusinessmenÕs Bowling League title this season at the Bowling Center. The champions won the first half of league play, and earned their title by winning a playoff series from the Personal TV team.

May 4, 1912

commencing Friday evening, May 17, the Bismarck Band will give a series of concerts every Friday evening during the summer. The band promises to become one of the best musical aggregations in the state.

May 5, 1887

The grounds surrounding the capitol building are being placed in most excellent condition and before long the park will be an ornament to the city.

May 5, 1937

Seeing life from a new perspective, Val Roth is reaching high places this spring as window washer on North DakotaÕs skyscraper capitol. There are more than 1,500 windows in the building, requiring 26 days to shine them all.

May 5, 1962

When St. Alexius Hospital opens its new million dollar addition next month, one of the principal, but little known, features of the wing will be an underground surgical department. The new area is planned for the protection of the patient.

May 5, 1912

Prof. Howard E. Simpson, of the University of North Dakota, was in the city recently making arrangements for the entertainment of members of the American Geographical Society and 39 guests from European universities who are making a tour of the continent.

May 6, 1887

Yesterday the agents of P. C. McCune of Cleveland, Ohio, sold the property on the corner of Main and Fifth Streets to Col. C. B. Little of Bismarck. The consideration paid was $12,500 or $125 per front foot, making it one of the largest real estate transfers of the season.

May 6, 1937

A memorandum opinion, prohibiting Rev. C. A. Balcom and E. E. Matteson and co-workers in the Presbyterian Church of America from using Presbyterian churches in 24 North Dakota cities, was filed in Burleigh County District Court Thursday.

May 6, 1962

A spokesman for a political splinter group says they will boycott the June primary election and file a full slate in the November general election. The group, formerly known as the Upright Republicans, has changed its name to Òthe Old Nonpartisan League.Ó

May 6, 1912

Bismarck will be opened at the meeting of the Board of City Commissioners this evening for the excavation and foundation of the Municipal Auditorium. Work will be commenced at the earliest possible moment.

May 7, 1887

The news of the sinking of the steam Eclipse six miles above Buford was received here last evening by telephone from Washburn. Her cargo was worth $35,000 and was insured for $23,000.

May 7, 1937

North DakotaÕs State Highway Patrol was boosted recently to 13 patrolmen and its maximum size, according to Supt. Henry G. Lund. The latest appointment was Harry Nathan of Kulm, North Dakota.

May 7, 1962

R. A. Kramer, president of the First Federal Savings and Loan Association here, broke ground for the companyÕs new $890,000, 3-story office building at Fourth Street and Rosser Avenue. Completion date is May 1, 1963.

May 7, 1912

Twenty North Dakota high schools are now enrolled on the accreditation list of the North Central Association of College and Secondary Educational Institutions. Bismarck is one of them.

May 8, 1887

The coming event in Bismarck sports is the game of baseball to be played next Saturday evening between the heavyweights and the featherweights of the territory.

May 8, 1937

BismarckÕs first official marble champion was to be crowned this afternoon. Playoffs in the finals of the city marble tourney will begin at 2 p.m. in the vacant lot in the rear of the World War Memorial Building.

May 8, 1962

Three Skelly Oil Co. executives will be in Bismarck this weekend for the grand opening of Big River Oil Co.Õs new Skelly dealership. Actually, Big River will have nine grand openings going at once as its stations change over to Skelly petroleum products.

May 8, 1912

Mr. H. L. Barker of Aberdeen, South Dakota, has opened a decorating and painting shop in the old Northwest Laundry building on Sixth Street, where they will offer a distinctively new service to ho me owners of Bismarck.

May 9, 1887

Governor of Dakota Church Saturday appointed the pharmacy boards---one for the northern district and one for the southern district. The former consists of H. OL. Haussemen of Grafton, Frank Frisby of Bismarck and E. C. Maxcy of Fargo.

May 9, 1937

BismarckÕs last robin of the season arrived home Wednesday when Uncle Jake Horner stepped off the train after a winter in California and delivered himself of a few observations upon the state of the nation and things in general.

May 9, 1962

Bismarck police have adopted a clean slate in regard to the new dog leashing ordinance. Officers, however, will put the same one bite on the dog owner---$5 for each unleashed canine pickup, first time or not.

May 10, 1887

The firemen of the city are desirous of improving their system of protecting property by the introduction of the Gamewell Fire Alarm in the city, and over 200 citizens have petitioned the city council for its purchase.

May 10, 1937

Mrs. Herbert Hoover, wife of the former President, will be guest speaker at a regional Girl Scout conference opening here May 17 for North and South Dakota and Minnesota.

May 10, 1962

The Bismarck-Mandan Pards baseball team headed home today hoping to remain their batting eye in their own part, after dropping the third straight Northern League contest to the St. Cloud Rox, 5-0.

May 9, 1912

In accordance with a circular sent to all the grand domains of the Knights of Pythias by the Supreme Chancellor, St. Elmo Lodge No. 4 will observe MothersÕ Day next Sunday, May 12.

May 10, 1912

Bismarck has as yet no Public Library but the people of the city are fortunate in having the State Library at the capitol building so close at hand. Books are loaned for two weeks and may be renewed if requested.

May 11, 1887

The River Landing at Bismarck presents a busy appearance. There is a fair stage of water, and the boats are loading and departing as rapidly as possible.

May 11, 1937

The federal Indian Bureau proposes to re-establish the Fort Totten and Standing Rock, North Dakota, boarding schools for Indians and to abandon the Bismarck school at the end of the present term. Rumors of the latterÕs closing have been current here for some time.

May 11, 1962

The Bismarck public schools are now registering children who will be in grades one through six next fall. Spring registration will make possible the starting of class work on the first day of school.

May 11, 1912

The dog fanciers of the city and a number of other people who are interested in the organization of a kennel club met at the Commercial Club rooms Friday to discuss plans for forming such an organization.

May 12, 1887

The Dakota Territory institutions have been insured in the very strongest companies in the world, through Frank J. CallÕs Bismarck agency---said to be the largest in Dakota.

May 12, 1937

Preliminary plans to organize Òall workers in BismarckÓ into trade unions under the leadership of the American Federation of labor were made Tuesday night at a labor rally at the City Auditorium.

May 12, 1962

Frontier Air Lines, which underwent a change of management last month, has disclosed it is taking a new look at service to a number of cities. Several places, Bismarck among them, will undergo a Òuse it or lose itÓ investigation.

May 12, 1912

The first baseball game of the season on the local diamond will be played this afternoon between the United Commercial Travelers and the Bismarck All Stars. It will be some game.

May 13, 1887

A new weekly newspaper---the McLean County Mail of Washburn---sets forth numerous advantages for its community, among them being the fact that it has the only ferry across the Missouri River for two hundred miles either way.

May 13, 1937

A. W. Mundy, proprietor of the A. W. Lucas Company is rapidly becoming ÒCaptain ArtÓ to his friends. He and his family will leave Minneapolis soon in a 40-foot cabin cruiser and cruse south to such places as fancy dictates.

May 13, 1962

The 78th annual convention of the Episcopal Church in North Dakota will convene at St. GeorgeÕs Episcopal Church next week. The Rt. Rev. Richard R. Emery will preside at the sessions.

May 13, 1912

The first yellow passenger cars of the Chicago and Northwestern line will pass through Bismarck attached to Northern Pacific train No. 1 this evening. The purpose is to equalize the equipment of the two roads.

May 14, 1887

A carload of material for the Bismarck electric light plant arrived Friday and work will be commenced at once. It will not require more than fifteen days to have the lights in place.

May 14, 1937

Judge John Burke, 78, three times governor of North Dakota, former Treasurer of the United States and justice of the State Supreme Court, died shortly after 2 oÕclock Friday in St. MaryÕs Hospital, Rochester, Minnesota.

May 14, 1962

Some 500 Explorer and Boy Scouts gave the cityÕs parks a spring cleaning Saturday. They collected ten pickup loads of cans, bottles, broken branches and other debris at the parks. The Explorer Scouts repainted playground equipment at Hillside Park.

May 14, 1912

The Ryan Selz shoe store have installed a shine stand in the new Main Street store, having a quiet, pleasant place for ladies. The new store is doing a nice business in its new location.

May 15, 1887

The sociable on Friday evening last at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Marshall was one of the best of the season. The company sang and played games while Mrs. Tyler favored them with a pleasing recitation.

May 15, 1937

Eight new sand greens, a brand-new caddy house, a thoroughly renovated clubhouse and extensive landscaping greeted Bismarck golfers as they began their trek to the Bismarck Municipal Golf Court this spring.

May 15, 1962

The annual Bismarck Tribune parent-Carrier banquet at the Municipal Country Club tomorrow will be a double-barreled affair. Being recognized is Circulation Manager Kurt Peters as well as the almost 90 carrier boys who deliver the papers.

May 15, 1912

Arrangements are being made for the annual commencement exercises of the Bismarck High School. The class play will be given Friday evening, May 24, somewhat earlier than in previous years.

May 16, 1887

There are people on Avenue B who are still of the opinion that a boy was horribly mangled by a runaway horse yesterday, and it is with pleasure that the TRIBUNE relates that the flapping arms and dangling legs which flapped and dangled from the saddle were those of a coat and a pair of overalls which the boy had left on the horse.

May 16, 1937

Mischa Mischakoff, internationally famous violinist who recently accepted the post of concertmeister for the expanded NBC Symphony Orchestra, will perform as soloist this afternoon at one over the NBC-KFYR network.

May 16, 1962

The Dakota Zoo, BismarckÕs self-help zoological project, opens its second season here next weekend. It will also feature a new depot for the Zoo Line train.

May 16, 1912

The members of the Bismarck Maennerchor will enjoy another of their pleasant dancing parties at the Maennerchor Hall this evening. OÕConnorÕs Orchestra will furnish the music for the occasion and all expect to have a splendid time.

May 17, 1887

Nothing could have given the people of Bismarck more surprise than the report circulated yesterday to the effect that George E. Reed, the city treasurer, had absconded, or departed for parts unknown with funds of the city.

May 17, 1937

A full evening of festivities was in store for Bismarck people of Norse descent Monday as they prepared to mark the 123rd anniversary of Norway's independence.

May 17, 1962

A rainfall of 1.53 inches here had farmers smiling but produced scowls at the State Capitol. The most obvious leak was smack in front of the GovernorÕs Reception Office door.

May 17, 1912

Rev. John S. Rood, missionary representative of the Congregational Churches, is in the city, en route to Flasher, where he will share in the dedication of a splendid house of worship there on Sunday.

May 18, 1887

Upon reaching Berthold the white crew of the steamer Rosebud struck and refused to work. Every roustabout left the boat, and Capt. Todd was left without a man to load or unload the boat.

May 18, 1937

Girl Scouting is only in its infancy, and what it has done in the past, though its record is laudable, is no indication of its importance in the future, Mrs. Herbert Hoover said here Monday afternoon. ÒWe are expecting long years before we reach maturity.Ó

May 18, 1962

Bismarck city commissioners were asked to delay a street recapping project on Fourth Street for a couple of years Òto give the taxpayers a break.Ó Several property owners object to being assessed for 25% of the cost on heavily traveled Fourth Street.

May 18, 1912

A seat anywhere in the Bismarck heater was a mighty strong favorite after the first performance had begun last night. ÒThe Conquest of the IndiansÓ was pronounced as unequalled by any western motion picture ever produced.

May 19, 1887

That Bismarck will have a thorough and unsurpassed system of water works in the year of our Lord 1887 is an established fact. Col. Monroe, of Providence, Rhode Island, has entered into a contract to have water running before November 1, next.

May 19, 1937

RobbinsÕ Three Ring Circus, combined with the Buck Steele Oklahoma Ranch Wild West Show, came to Bismarck from Ashley Wednesday and set up for a one-day stand at 20th and Broadway.

May 19, 1962

The State Highway Department headquarters in Bismarck will hold an open house this week, in recognition of North Dakota Highway Week. Headquarters is located southeast of the capitol in the former Bismarck Junior College building.

May 19, 1912

The Bismarck High School was defeated on the local diamond Saturday by the team from the Indian School by a score of 17 to 12. The game was hard fought throughout.

May 20, 1887

The special election for the purpose of voting bonds to fund the outstanding indebtedness of Burleigh County will be held on Tuesday, June 21.

May 20, 1937

Announcement that the Provident Life Insurance Company will occupy the new building being constructed at Broadway and Second Street, was made Thursday by F. L. Conklin, Vice President and General Manager.

May 20, 1962

Paintings from the recent successful Petroleum Art Show have found a receptive audience in Washington, D.C., according to John Gunness, executive director of the Petroleum Council.

May 20, 1912

During the past few days County Auditor Flaherty has paid out $142.50 in wolf bounty warrants. Frank Rice of Driscoll has brought in 27 hides while William Baker of Menoken brought in ten.

May 21, 1887

Freight rates on the Northern Pacific from eastern terminals to Bismarck have been reduced about twenty-five per cent.

May 21, 1937

Bismarck is to have an independent baseball team this year that will do credit to its semi-pro predecessors of the past few years but will be operated strictly on a pay-as-you-go, pay-for-itself basis.

May 21, 1962

Russell Reid of the State Historical Society has checked in 38,209 Dakota Territory centennial souvenir coins which were donated to the Society at the close of Centennial activities.

May 21, 1912

The body of Benjamin Corbin, who died at Jamestown Sunday afternoon, arrived in the Capital City Tuesday morning on No. 3. The remains were escorted to the Armory where the funeral services will be held Wednesday morning.

May 22, 1887

All saloons, barber shops, markets and stores will be closed in Bismarck on the Sabbath from now forward. This change is brought about by the desire of the mayor and council to meet the wishes of the business men generally who have petitioned for it.

May 22, 1937

One hundred and forty-seven children and young people had been examined by physicians at the Crippled ChildrenÕs Clinic conducted here as it approached closing time at 3 p.m., Saturday.

May 22, 1962

A crowd of close to 1,000 persons, men, women, children and babes in arms, turned out in spite of the rain to hear a concert by the U.S. Army Field Band last night at the World War Memorial Building.

May 22, 1912

I. M. Capper of Baldwin reports he has received a full blood pedigreed Scotch Collie and he is contemplating entering the dog in the first bench show to be held by the Western Kennel Association here in Bismarck.

May 23, 1887

Father Alexius Edelbrock, abbott of the Benedictine Society, arrived in the city Wednesday last and purchased sixteen lots between Ninth and Tenth Streets, just north of Thayer Street. Work will commence immediately on a college building on the property.

May 23, 1937

Air-minded Bismarck folk are looking forward to the arrival here Tuesday for a two-day visit of the worldÕs largest tri-motored Boeing airplane and the only Indian girl in the world who is a professional parachute jumper.

May 23, 1962

The Bismarck voters having approved a full-time leash ordinance, some dog owners are objecting to the license fee schedule as excessive. The city commission has promised to take a look before the first of the year.

May 23, 1912

The old wood frame Grand Pacific Hotel building has been moved to the lots north of the site of the new building. The work of moving was watched with a great deal of interest by city residents.

May 24, 1887

In the upper part of town it is said that it is useless to set out trees, because of certain destruction from roving livestock. Why not create a city pound and enforce the city ordinance?

May 24, 1937

Possibilities of steamboat transportation revival on the Missouri River are being studied by the U. S. Army engineers who are in the field checking navigation development facilities, State Engineer E. .J. Thomas said Monday.

May 24, 1962

Bismarck police questioned two youngsters who woke up a neighborhood by ringing doorbells early on a weekday morning and caused damage at the new Hillside Junior High School building.

May 24, 1912

There will be an important meeting of the Automobile Club this evening at 9 p.m. membership cards are now in the hands of the Secretary, and will be given to paid up members this evening.

May 25, 1887

Over one hundred poles for the electric light plant have been erected and the lights will be burning within ten days. Lieutenant Gilman is still here and will remain until the lights are in working order.

May 25, 1937

Forty-three residents of the Park Hill Addition Monday night voted unanimously to organize an irrigation district for the purpose of putting water on their gardens and saving them from a possible drouth.

May 25, 1962

A Project Mercury spacecraft, a duplicate of the Aurora 7 which Astronaut Scott Carpenter rode into space this week, will be on display in Bismarck on Wednesday, June 8.

May 25, 1912

About the first of June workmen will commence remodeling the Exposition Building, which will be greatly enlarged prior to the opening of the Second Annual North Dakota Industrial Exposition.